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“There is an inner voice in each of us, and we argue with it constantly. That inner voice knows what is best for us, individually. The time is now.
Listen to it.”

--R Belldon Colme, The Staff of Mercury

Born in the peaceful serenity of the Pacific Northwest, beneath the majesty of Washington State’s Mount Rainier, Belldon Colme founded Nutri-90 Programs in 2004. After numerous hospitalizations for heart emergencies before the age of 40, and many failed efforts to lose weight and improve his health, Belldon began to seriously research how the human body and metabolism work. His research into cellular biology and metabolic function led to his discovery that the wellness, weight loss, and fitness industries in America are founded on 150-year-old archaic ideas that ignore the discoveries and advances of modern science.

“Nutri-90 was called Fat Free with Me back in those days, and the ideas were so radically different I literally couldn’t give it away. I offered the Fat Free With Me program to 100 people for free, and I could only get 12 to take it at that price!” Belldon says with a nostalgic crooked grin and a wink. But what a difference just those few people made! The success of those 12, 10 of whom are still at their goal weight with optimized health today, sparked a flood of referral clients. Today, Nutri-90 Programs mentors hundreds of clients each year to optimal wellness and weight loss, with an 84% long-term success rate.

Belldon has since directed his life, passion, and love into a three-fold Empowerment Mission:

Empower his Client Friends

To live healthier and happier lives by mentoring unique scientific tools and ideas which are ignored by conventional wellness, fitness, and weight loss models.

Empower his Team

To grow personally and professionally so all members can perform beyond their best. Through a humanity-first corporate environment, where time and space are allocated for learning, developing, and elevating personal and corporate desires all at once..

Empower the World

To advance the cause of nutrition-based wellness to the world by giving time, knowledge, expertise, and financial resources.

Belldon’s goal is to reverse obesity, one client at a time, and by any venue available. His book, No One Ever Got Fat from Calories, breaks the century-and-a-half-old mistaken standards of calorie balancing and so-called “macronutrients”, and replaces them with the proofs of modern cellular biology in a context rich with stories, fun analogy, and practical strategies which can be put into practice in real time.
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